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The Family Connections Program

Family Connections Program is an Arizona Department of Child Safety (ADCS) contracted program for families who have been involved with ADCS.

Program Goals

A Family Connections Consultant (FCC) will provide personalized services to best meet the family's needs as identified with the program assessments. FCC’s meet families in their homes once or twice a week to help them reach their established goals, including but not limited to:

  • Interventions to improve Child Wellbeing
  • Interventions to improve Family Functioning
  • Interventions to improve Parenting Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Interventions to Manage Parenting Stress
  • Interventions to address Family Resources
  • Interventions to address Social Support
Family Connections Program

Family Connections is a multi-faceted community-based program that works with vulnerable families in their homes to strengthen families, address needs, and help them meet the basic needs of their children and prevent child maltreatment. Family strengths are used to make positive behavioral changes in family functioning and to ensure the safety of children. The Nurturing Parenting Program curriculum is a proven approach for the prevention and treatment of the recurrence of child neglect and abuse. Amazing Grace Arizona Families uses Nurturing Skills for Families, which is a Nurturing Parenting Program and is specifically tailored to meet the unique parenting needs of different stages of development. Through the Nurturing Parenting Program, we offer helpful, in-home infant, child, and teen education training.

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Programs & Services
Programs & Services

The types of assistance Amazing Grace Arizona Families can help families access include, but are not limited to:


Parent Training

Infant Care





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