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The Building Resilient Families Program is an Arizona Department of Child Safety (ADCS) contracted program for families who have been involved with ADCS.

Program Goals

To assess the needs of the family and develop a service plan to help families learn ways to become self-sufficient to meet their own basic needs. We want to keep families together, build a strong foundation through support, and minimize trauma and recividism. We work with families to help them assess needs, address concerns and family stressors through needs assessment, connection to available resources and services, and provision of beneficial training. Using the Building Resilient Families (BRF) Program, we work with the whole family and we work diligently to address the needs of each individual family member.

Building Resilient Families

With training and resources, families learn to keep their children safe, healthy, and happy together outside of the ADCS system. Building Resilient Families (BRF) is a voluntary program that supports families that could use a helping hand. Services may range from one to four months and, when necessary, beyond. Building Resilient Families provides support and educational services to minimize safety risks, promote diminished protective capacities to prevent future involvement with the ADCS. The BRF Program has been proven to be revolutionary and has helped to make it possible for Arizona families in need to thrive.

Nurturing Parenting

The Nurturing Parenting Program curriculum is a proven approach for the prevention and treatment of the recurrence of child neglect and abuse. Amazing Grace Arizona Families uses Nurturing Skills for Families, which is a Nurturing Parenting Program and is specifically tailored to meet the unique parenting needs of different stages of development. Through the Nurturing Parenting Program, we offer helpful, in-home infant, child, and teen education training.

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Programs & Services
Programs & Services

The types of assistance Amazing Grace Arizona Families can help families access include, but are not limited to:


Parent Training

Infant Care





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